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FOX News
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm EDT
screwed up the foreign policy. i am not even sure what his foreign policy is, we draw a red line for syria that they cross twice. >> do you know what your foreign policy is? what is your alternative foreign policy? >> in what respect -- >> i listen to krauthammer, who granted is a smart guy. he understands his role very well, but is not an expert on the middle east. >> pull the funding. >> here you got the conservatives, some conservatives and liberals staying very quiet about this. and not be willing to stand up with obama on this. nobody wants to take that money away from the generals, because they did the one thing that y'all wanted, which was get rid of the brotherhood. and that is why mubarak is out of jail, because those were his people. >> we put the muslim brotherhood -- >> we put them in power? >> yeah, we did, we funded them. we didn't want mubarak, so we funded -- >> the arab spring, there were a lot of different quarters. i do agree that some people have come back around and said now looking back, hindsight is 20/20, we should have just kept mubarak. on the syrian portion
FOX Business
Aug 21, 2013 7:00pm EDT
. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening. thank you for being with us. barack obama often mocks the foreign policy of president george w. bush. as president himself obama cannot escape his mounting foreign policy follies. and he and his administration and the american people are now bearing the embarrassing consequences. former egyptian president, president obama held for some from power more than two years ago. to the was ordered to be released from prison. he is to be released within 48 hours. his release is another slap in the face for mr. obama. follows the ouster of the muslim brotherhood from power and mr. obama's president of choice. the violence and deadly clashes between the military-run government and the muslim brotherhood and the protesters are now responding. continuing with violence in all likelihood this friday when supporters reportedly will conduct what they call a day of martyrs. and no relief for president obama in syria either. opposition forces climbing more than 1,000 civilians were killed in chemical gas attacks earlier today on the outskirts of damascus. the alleged attacks co
FOX Business
Aug 14, 2013 10:00pm EDT
brtherhood. our foreign-policy expert will take on the issue of why mr. mohammed morsi it wants this despite the objections and other elements of the governing coalition. this is where things stand in egypt. the interim government after the military removal of mohammed morsi ad against the crackdown on muslim brotherhood demonstrators today and it laid deadly violent fashion. military police are declaring supporters from demonstrators in cairo that have been virtually nonstop since his removal from office on july 3. bulldozers and tanks and helicopters and soldiers and over 200 civilians, government reporting that at least 49 police have been killed by a mohammed morsi supporters that have stormed this around cairo. entire neighborhoods falling into battle lines around neighbors on opposite sides of the political confrontation. egypt's interim president declaring a month-long state of emergency along with a curfew for cairo and the surrounding provinces. ordering the military and police to restore law and order a to protect state facilities. the vice president has withdrawn. resignin
FOX Business
Aug 17, 2013 8:00pm EDT
foreign policy is responsible and whether this administration cannot successfully play a struktive role in support of egypt's secular military and in the shaping of a new democratic government with or without the muslim brotherhood and any forthcoming governing coalition. our foreign policy expert will also take on the issue of why mr. obama wants the muslim brotherhood's participation despite the objections of the secular military and other elements of the egyptian governing coalition. this is where things stand tonight in egypt. the interim government came into power after the removal of mohamed morsi, an development the president still refuses to call a coup cracked down ominous limb demonstrators today and in a deadly violent fashion, military police working to move them, virt actually since he was stopped. bulldozers, tanks, helicopters, cops, killing well over 200 civilians. the government reporting that at least 49 police have been killed in attacks by morsi supporters who stormed police stations across cairo. entire neighborhoods falling into battle lines among neighbors on oppo
Aug 18, 2013 3:00pm PDT
foreign policy over the last five years, you could do that or you could be more intelligent about it and look at the way we've been handling foreign policies the last five decades. we tried a strategy of buying support. we tried a strategy putting in leaders who have become dictators in order to support u.s. interests. i strongly disagree with senator mccain. we did not lose our influence or credibility in egypt over the past couple of weeks. we lost it years ago as we continued to prop up mubarak and the egyptian people knew he was a dictator. that's when we lost our credibility. in terms of what obama is doing, i do agree it seems to be a haphazard policy, sort of approach towards the michel. to say this is something that's inherent to the obama administration is disingenuous and seems to forget u.s. history. >> it was president obama who made a great show of going on his first trip to the middle east in june of 2009 within a few months being inaugurated, tripping off his trip in cairo, university, where he said we would extend our hands. here we are and president obama in his own
Aug 15, 2013 9:00am PDT
case are the very attributes that often serve it well. hallmarks of obama's foreign policy are knnuance, humility a caution, which is understandable when you follow george w. bush. sometimes the refusal to take a bold principled stand turns out to be the riskiest course of all. the president himself said we're getting hit from both sides, both supporters of morsi and supporters of the military coup, whatever we want to call it. and that there is -- being stuck in the middle does not seem to be serving us particularly well. >> i think there's a tendency to assume that the united states is the wizard behind the curtain that has the ability to control everything with just a few buttons here and there and a little bit of aid pulled here and more aid put there. i just don't think that is the case. i just don't think that's real. i think that we are in a bind in terms of what type of leverage we have here and obviously the overriding principle has been to allow some sort of democratic process to flourish but you don't get that when you have a quasi coup or when you have -- whatever t
Aug 15, 2013 7:00am PDT
you have some 500 dead an you haven't heard from the president yet. foreign policy is not exactly clear here. whether coming from within the white house or coming from the state department. what they've relied on in the past, what any administration has is exceptionally close relationships military to military. once mubarak was in a lot of trouble and he was on his way out, and he was, deploying forces to quell the protesters in tahrir square. it was the military that held back, and they did that because of their tight relationship with the united states. what's difficult here is that you have the military moving forward and clearing, you know, these protesters out. so, this is the difficulty that the administration faces right now. and i think, you know, they're going to have to pursue a more definite strategy here. it's not just the united states. because you have israel as a key player here as well. the israeli military working very well in the egyptian military on issues that have to do with, you know, their border. and a very fragile peace treaty that exists between those two
Aug 19, 2013 9:00am PDT
believe that foreign policy is run, with the exception of president bush's second inaugural run, that's not the way that foreign politics has worked its way through foreign policies. the leverage of these dollars is pretty small when you're talking about a regime that's fighting for its very survival. that's why we supported mubarak all these years. but this president supported his ousting. and other than that, we are back to where we have been for many, many decades with egypt. >> sam, it's become as it always is political football. it is i guess a good time to be republican in terms of foreign policy because they can criticize without actually having to propose specific measures. how do you think that plays out in the coming months if the president doesn't actually do anything? >> that's a really impossible question to answer. the people who are being assassinated by the military, now they claim that they are trying to please. richard's right, it's not like you can flip a switch, on august 12, there's an announcement for a 13.6 million dollar contract to be given to the egypti
Aug 20, 2013 6:00am EDT
years now. >> well, the whole region is in growing chaos. we have to foreign policy also that is doing anything to help guide the region and egypt is a huge country of great importance and completely in civil conflict right now. >> what have we done wrong in egypt? where do you start but what -- >> there was a move towards democracy that we should have helped. we had misgivings about it. the neighbors had misgivings about it because when you open up for democracy, they got the first several votes were for islamists president and we could have helped that process to find a middle ground. we did not do so. for two years when they needed some kind of financial stability, we held back on everything. finally, the generals got organized i suspect with a lot of our allies and perhaps ourselves, we don't really know the story, and a very brutal coup and crackdown has ensued and the thought is that you can repress half the country and we know that is not going to go anywhere in the long term. it's both brutal in the short term, thousand people or more killed, the crackdowns will continue. we ha
Aug 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
in these matters of foreign policy. what, if anything, should we expect out of this? if we expect it to be a statement, not taking question what do we expect? >> we have these two competing images, right. it was only in 2009 that the president delivered this very historic speech in cairocalled arab countries. we have this scene of chaos and a country that is at war. i don't know if by the end of the president's term he's going to see the vision he wanted to see in a place like egypt. i don't know exactly what he'll say in the speech today obviously. the one thing the administration cannot ignore is the fact that the american public is not excited about and it does not really have an appetite for intervention in foreign countries. >> that's a great point. which is we've seen this. we saw it in iraq. in afghanistan. the president was elected in part because of his pledge to pull troops out. there's resistance to putting more troops in. this foreign intervention. how does the president walk the fine line between showing the u.s. is aware and -- how they feel, obviously, john kerry said
Aug 18, 2013 2:30pm EDT
. nonintervention. a new modern age. we have to be realistic about it . the foreign policy, so consistent with those ideals, those founding principles, the natural tenants and deal well with modern reality. >> that's the big question. and quite sure that u.s. foreign policy would have to be changed from where it has become. to some extent of the passenger more ever since the spanish-american war. particularly since world war ii. even on the eve of world war ii, many americans still took seriously the india that the united states ought properly to conduct its affairs power. in table itself in the conflicts within or between of the country's. the life of the american people. should it become involved in of a people's quarrels in attempts to rectify the hills of the whole world, it would only result in making americans themselves worse off, less free, less prosperous, and more reaction from abroad to the actions it might initiate. and yet through a series of occasions the government has again and again and again abandoned that classical stand. george washington and county of thoma
FOX Business
Aug 15, 2013 9:20am EDT
last few years. where do we go from here? what did the our foreign policy in the middle east? >> i want to echo what colonel peters said. he has done outstanding work about a prosecution of christians across the middle east that and of the islamist. that is underreported in the west. the concept of democracy, we throw around freely in the u.s. and the west. democracy doesn't just mean people go to the polls and vote for whoever. we think the results of democracy throughout history, hitler was elected, in the gaza strip they elected hamas which is the military wing of a muslim brotherhood. democracy has consequences. it is not just about going to the polls, it is about building similar institutions that protect the rights of minorities like those questions. liz: muslim brotherhood in egypt could turn into another styria. that is what the muslim brotherhood is saying, we have a news flash coming across the wires, where the president will be speaking shortly. apparently he will be in the driveway of the president's rented house, in front of a podium and a two car garage to the left an
Aug 20, 2013 12:00pm EDT
other, very unsure what the foreign policy strategy is. what's your analysis of the situation? from 1600 pennsylvania avenue's perspective? >> yes, alex. you're right on both fronts. remember, leahy was the guy who wrote the law that said if the administration says there was coup they must cut off military aid and can't return the aid until egypt becomes a functioning democracy. lord knows when that might happen. what the white house is doing, trying to preserve their control over foreign policy. internally according to my sources they think it was a coup but don't have to say it publicly. they're going to act as if there was a coup to play it safe. at the same time, nobody know es what's will nap egypt. if the future, use it as leverage and have hand tied by congress. >> the eu is having an emergency meeting to determine what to do about european aid to egypt. collectively, i wonder, we've talked about the u.s. military not a huge leverage point in terms of ending vile, but if the eu acts, how much will that change the situation on the ground? how responsive does the egyptian milit
FOX News
Aug 20, 2013 4:00pm EDT
-- it's coming to an end. the foreign policies in shambles. the foreign policy of intervention is coming to an end. the fiscal policy is out of control. the numbers don't add up and the banking system and the center e federal -- federal reserve system coming to an end. so she american people are waking up to the reality that something has to give, and it's certainly isn't by saying, well, say anything you can. let's get elected and then wees a republicans will clean the mess up. >> neil: you seem to be saying you would rather lose an election with a chris christie on the ticket, than win under those compromised principles with -- >> well, it's irrelevant. it wouldn't motivate me to get too excited. sort of like asking me about who should be the federal reserve board chairman. my abc, knee -- my answer, neither of the two candidates offer any changes. and that's the case with both of the political parties. foreign policy never changes. you think, the democrats won't be quite so hawkish. they're not. they're the same thing, and republicans, oh, they'll balance our budget and spend l
Aug 19, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. mark lynch of "foreign policy" took note of the historical level, writing, "longtime observers of egyptian rhetoric have been taken aback by the vitreal and sheer lunacy, the current wave of anti-american rhetoric. the rhetoric spans the political spectrum denouncing the united states is politically useful to every egyptian faction." it's easy to look at that kind of stuff and dismiss it, oh, it's the wacky conspiracy theories of the arab street, people in that region are addicted to anti-americanism. we get news like we got today to remind us why conspiracy theories are so powerful. the cia declassified a document showing that 60 years ago they did, in fact, help engineer a coup. "a military coup that overthrew then-prime minister mosadeq was carried out under cia direction as an act of u.s. foreign policy." mosadeq, head of a democratically elected government, was nonetheless regarded by the u.s. as a sinister and dangerous character, subject to communist influence. here's a report from the -- i'm not making this up -- camel news caravan, a news program sponsored by camel cigare
Aug 15, 2013 11:00am PDT
foreign policy was easy, especially in the middle east and arab world. joining me live now nbc news senior political leader mark murray. thanks so much for being here. >> reporter: thanks for having me. >> congressman ted deutsch was on this morning with chris jansing. i want to play that. >> the highest level of diplomacy is what we should do in the near term. if we have to be clear using all of the additional leverage but that's the next step. >> mark, are we likely to see more democrats become increasingly vocal about their desire to see the president do more or even start criticizing the white house's foreign policy? >> well, you're seeing a growing frustration from that congressman in "the new york times" editorial page today called for the foreign aid to be eliminated. the reason why is people are very frustrated. they want the united states to play its ultimate card here. the question is even if the united states does withdraw that foreign aid, whether that really changes the egyptian military's behavior. if it doesn't, it shows that card isn't the strongest one to be able to
FOX News
Aug 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
in the foreign policy establishment world are actually coming down harder on the president than the right seems to be? >> well, he didn't just bet on the wrong horse, he bet on the entire stable and he's like -- he should just basically now stay out of. it he's like a player who scored the goal for the opposing team. just bench him because it's not going to get better. >> bob -- >> the only ledge verage we hav the $1.3 billion to the military if you take that away and you don't have leverage it's not like the guys aren't going to get money to succeed. saudi arabia and kuwait will give them money. >> the same people are running this government right now when mubarak was there. the same people. >> at that point i think we have to admit that was a mistake. rather than -- the muslim brotherhood remember, they assassinated sadat. they're not good people. >> they're not. they spawned hamas. they spawned al qaeda. mohamed morsi pardoned abdul azim who conducted the first are terrorism attack on our consulate. he called for the pardoning of the blind sheikh. before benghazi libya, we're sta
FOX News
Aug 17, 2013 6:00pm PDT
after he was elected, president obama ran to cairo to give his first foreign policy speech where he proclaimed that he wanted to seek common ground with the muslim world. that his was a new presidency. that he was no george bush. >> there must be a sustained effort to listen to each other. to learn from each other. to respect one another. and to seek common ground. as the holy koran tells us, be conscious of god and speak always the truth. that is what i will try to do today. >> mr. president, with all due respect, i have news for you. george bush was more popular in the arab world than you are right now. the truth? you're indecisive, unclear and if he canless foreign policy has literally run our relationship with that region into the ground. and here's the rub. you've been giving billions of our dollars to countries who not only give us nothing in return but who literally hate our guts. remember these scenes from last year? and that arab spring where you predicted good things were happening in the arab world? the dawn of democracy is coming? but how long are we supposed to wait for
FOX Business
Aug 21, 2013 9:00pm EDT
for being with us. barack obama often mocks the foreign policy of president george w. bush. as president himself obama cannot escape his mounting foreign policy flies. and he and his administration and the american people are now bearing the embarrassing consequences. former egyptian president, president obama held for some from power more than two years ago. to the was ordered to be released from prison. he is to be released within 48 hours. his release is another slap in the
FOX Business
Aug 22, 2013 7:00pm EDT
another possible reason that the president's foreign policy is so incoherent and ineffective that members of his own administration seem uninformed. today state department news conference on syria and so-called red lines featured as a shocking contradiction from spokesperson jan psyche. take a lesson. >> the red line is the use of chemical weapons. that was crossed a couple of months ago. the president took action, which we talked at the time. lou: confident in her assessment that syria had already crossed that red line and that the obama administration has responded until a few moments later when she offered up this blatant contradiction. >> we still believe that they don'tthave the capability to use chemical weapons. that has not changed. again, we're looking into the facts on the ground. there is no reason if there is nothing to hide for the regime not to let the investigative team and. lou: what is going on? the state department does not seem to know either way. thankfully president obama announced after that he has directed intelligence agencies to find out what is happened again. ad
Aug 18, 2013 6:00pm EDT
for an investigation of hillary clinton. and so we see that our foreign policy is helping the muslim brotherhood. hillary clinton is rebuilding mosques in 27 countries in after-tax dollars. get a load of this. hillary clinton in 2012 meets with the speed fault, richest men in the world and istanbul, turkey. she promises she will find a way to implement their agenda of an antiblasphemy law. so they've been working for ten years to get the u.n. to push a resolution 1617 to out all free speech in islam and so then hillary does a strange thing of pulling defense and security away from benghazi and then it comes out the president is friends with morsi and then six hours into the attack, hillary talks with obama on the phone and no help is sent. in the next day, after the killings, she immediately contacted through the state department google and youtube and tells them to sensor all of the content. we need to sensor the content. by $70,000 worth of air time in pakistan, the loved your profit blaming this video. what was the goal of that? the needed the fast and furious crisis they could bl
Aug 21, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. >> thanks so very much. >> meanwhile, european union foreign policy chief has asked for an immediate and thorough investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria. ashton said their deployment by either side was totally unacceptable. >> she was speaking as eu foreign ministers had gathered for an emergency meeting on the power struggle in egypt. here's more in brussels. >> the eu originally called the extraordinary meeting to discuss the situation in egypt, but the news from serious jumped to the top of the agenda. ministers described the allegations as grave and alarming. >> france condemns in the strongest terms the massacre in damascus and demands an immediate investigation. >> there is no excuse for the syrian regime not to provide access to the area and for the united nations team in damascus now to assess the use of chemical weapons, so we are pursuing this with our partners at the security council. >> ministers to discuss their response to the spiraling conflict in egypt. they condemned the ongoing violence but opted to keep all channels of communication open. the
Aug 21, 2013 5:30pm PDT
suspension goes ahead. eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton said she's prepared to play a mediating role, but ashton has failed so far to end the violence despite visiting cairo twice last month. >>> a chinese communist party boss is set to go on trial within hours in the most politically charged case in decades. bo xilai faces charges of embezzlement and abuse of pow oer. he allegedly earned about $4 million in public money. his wife was convicted of killing a british businessman. and he got caught up in a number of other scandals. in september, communist leade expell himrom the party. bo was one of the so-called princelings, children of senior party officials. he was widely expected to join the standing committee of the politburo until his downfall. still he remains popular among some party officials and the people he served. security is tight around the court in the eastern city of zinnen. they have cleared room for the many fourn journalists who want to cover the trial. zi gin ping has cracked down on corruption rampant among party officials. >>> a bus carrying a group of touris
Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
egypt if the eu suspension goes ahead. eu foreign policy chief ashton said she is prepared to play a role and visited cairo twice last month. investors are skimming through the latest release by the u.s. central bank looking for clues on when quantitative easing will wind down. we have more on that from our business desk. you have been reading through the document. did investors find what they were looking for? are. >> yes and no. the tapering could start by the end of this year. they gave no mention of a specific month. minutes of the u.s. federal reserve's last meeting gave no hint of when the bank will scale down bond-buying program. the fed released the minutes of the meeting that ended on july 31st on wednesday. they show most members of the policy board want the current $85 billion purchases to continue. they stress that recovery in the job market has been more gradual than predicted. most members also agreed with fed chairman ben bernanke's view of the program to scale back the amount of purchases by the end of the year, with the possibility of ending them by the middle of nex
Aug 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
influence over the strong ally. richard? >> nbc's ayman mohyeldin. >>> egyptian foreign policy isn't the only item on the president's list. he has a lot to tackle domestically. melissa joins us from washington. >> reporter: the president has two major assignments today. like most of the kids going back to school across the country, first, as we've been talking about this morning, what to do about u.s. aid to egypt and, of course, more about the revelation of additional abuses with the nsa. some lawmakers are hoping the president will cut aid down the line. others hoping we can hold off. the president, of course, took a break from his vacation to condemn the violence and canceled a planned joint military exercise but did stop short of suspending any aid. another big topic, that nsa surveillance program, many critical of its legitimacy after an audit showed they broke privacy rules thousands of times per year. we know some hearings on the nsa plan for additional checks and balances expected to be initiated by vermont senator patrick leahy some time later this fall. richard? >> thank yo
Aug 16, 2013 5:00pm PDT
every way. >> ikn syria as in egypt, a weakness of u.s. and foreign policies means that other countries have stepped in, a nd other countries have a say about whether the west is -- while the west is debating whether chemical weapons are used. as if that is more important. >> exactly. the whole business about the red line is difficult to understand. as you say, we have the civil war raging and 100,000 people being killed. suddenly if there is evidence that chemical weapons have been used, it makes it worse? it what way? you should not use chemical weapons. again, you have u.n. investigator stepping in, and will try to come up with evidence that, go weapons have been used. but their job is not to say who use them. both sides argues each other is using them. both sides are denying the accusation. s. it's also obvious that the rebels have ceased some of it. -- seized some of it. it is a way for the u.s. to say that we have no political solution but we are doing something and there is a red line. and we will do something by saying that investigators will not do very much. >> it is well-esta
Aug 20, 2013 7:30pm EDT
foreign policy, stand up to our enemies abroad and also be physically responsible at home and really get our house in order. he proved that he did not have the metal pin that he did not have the metal to go the distance. c-span: i have one of your blocks from april 11th, 2012. it's time for women to reject feminism and kiss peter panda by . >> yes, it is. c-span: in an attempt to explain why they're finding themselves living lives of solitude, all the singhalese -- single ladies thinking i'd buy into the writer's lot of crap. strong. an endless amount of ink try to convince yourself and single women everywhere that they're happy living hard lives of solitude which could not be further from the truth. what fired you up? >> and trying to remember. atlantic monthly her something. the article i was referencing. what fire me up is that we do have a lot of women in their late 30's and early 40's who were highly educated. some people would say over the educated. we are single, coming up short. i think that when i think back to my mother's generation, well, they have fewer choices as far as
Aug 22, 2013 11:30pm PDT
get the utmost of its relations. >> with our new foreign-policy, it will be a well-balanced relationship between egypt and the other major powers. china, russia, the u.s.. we already understand that concentrating on a given country is not good. >> the african union tries to negotiate with little success. egypt has clashed publicly with over what it sees as undue interference. these are tiring times, and worrying, too. >> it has been adopted in tunisia, libya, and the entire world is watching closely, the developments in egypt. >> the operator of the crippled fukushima nuclear plant says workers need help to stabilize and safely decommissioned damaged reactors. two more storage tanks had been found to be leaking radioactive water. it has been building up ever since the 2011 senomyx regard a triple meltdown. we talked to frightened nearby residents. >> since the accident, the residents have never had time to ease their minds from radiation fears. they fought to reassure safety of their products and displaced residents dreamed of returning to their homes. but contaminated water
Aug 21, 2013 5:30am PDT
heard no talk of sanctions or anything harder than that. >> the foreign policy chief has said that she is ready to return to egypt to help facilitate a political solution to the crisis. do you think that egypt is receptive? >> well, it would be round three for her. it would be a third proposal that the e.u. was made after the first were rejected before the raid against the protester camps in cairo. i think a lot will hinnage on the decisions made today. there is is spigs on all sides what the e.u. intends to do and whether they want to use aid as a pressure. the e.u. is trying to be a talker and facilitator more than a dictator of terms. so i think you will see today a proposal and decision that is more diplomatic than any hard strike on aid and trade. >> prosecutors in the military trial of bradley manning have called for the former soldier to be sentenced to 60 years in prison. manning was convicted on 20 charges over giving hundreds of thousands of military documents to the ant secrecy organization wikileaks. he faces a maximum sentence of 90 years. but his defense team has argued h
Aug 15, 2013 4:00pm PDT
prepared to cancel its substantial military aid. looks at thedent foreign-policy dilemma facing mr. obama. >> on the streets of cairo, a lies ing democracy ruins. an american policy appears in disarray. even after the killing of civilians, washington refuses to condemned the generals for the recent power grab barack obama interrupted his holiday to do announce the violence. cannot determine the future of egypt. that is for the up -- egyptian people. we do not take sides with any particular party or political figure. to blame is tempting the united states or the west or some other actor, for what has gone wrong. he has canceled a planned military exercise with egypt. 1.3 billion dollars in american military aid is in the pipeline but will be reviewed. despite everything, egypt is a key for u.s. goals in the middle east. support is crucial to maintaining the peace treaty with israel. washington supports egypt against militants on israel's borders in the sinai. and the u.s. navy's access to the suez canal is controlled by egypt. and trieste house hard to work with whoever is in power
Aug 18, 2013 9:00pm EDT
barack obama's foreign-policy record that you are concerned people don't? >> i think people are starting to understand this a bit more broadly. the american people need to understand this administration -- we've seen the systematic decline in our stature and position in the world and the respect that other nations, either our allies or adversaries, have for us has declined. i think that is the primary thing i would like people to see and understand. the best way we could ameliorate that would be to elect a republican into the white house in 2016. i think that could have a dramatic effect. [applause] have a that could dramatic affect on our stature in the world as did the election of ronald reagan in 1980. soft complete shift in the way -- saw a complete shift in the way with respect to how people viewed this. and understand there are repercussions to their actions. we do not have that today. has a penchant for dithering and equivocation. i do not think that will change years.g in the next view he could do a few things with respect to the snowden case. he could take this opportunity reacq
FOX News
Aug 17, 2013 8:30pm PDT
laden is really dead. and that is insane. he's talking about why it is a foreign policy and that is a disaster. and you are talking about the size of his head and what he is wearing. >> you know? you are a rhino. and you don't believe in this. and you are a rhino. and it is abnormally tiny when compared to the rest of the room. that is science. it is like the movie and they are starring in the picture to see the schooener. and there is a interesting theory and obviously crap. and in a way. it is a great sort of escape kind of plan. any president might do that in case it went south. obviously it is crap. the more you stare at it more you question. it >> what is wrong with it if it is true in >> it is for reggie love. i think he wanted to convince everybody how colpresident obama was. >> so you don't need to photoshop. it take it when he walked in and click and he can go play spades. he kind of wasn't there anyway. >> thank you, you are not a rhino. and i haven't solid out like gena did. >> recent gall up poll found that 100 percent of all americans would like you photoshopped out of ex
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